Thursday, August 16, 2018

  • May 1 2016 will be Joe's Birthday and the LAST Salsa Sunday at Tio Leo's  So Let's Go Out in Style!

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Merengue CD Suggestions

  • Omega  “Dueno del Flow”-  a good representation of Merengue Callejero

  • Gritty Merengue ? try Mala Fe “Con Su Loquera”

  • Classic Merengue you can’t beat  just about anything by Oro Solido

  • Slow and Romantic Merengue Elvis Crespois an all time favorite


  • Anything By Monchy y Alexandra you can’t help but like.

  • Aventura is a group that appeals to the hearts of all women ( Guys if you want to make points with the ladies.. need I say more!)

  • Frank Reyes "Amor en Silencio" It isn’t his newest Cd but I like it better.  If you want dance practice music this does well.

  • If you want to take the shotgun approach try starting out your collection with The Best of Bachata 2012 a nice mix of today’s most popular  artists.


Salsa CD Suggestions

  • Los Cocorocos - This cd features the voices of such Salsa greats as Domingo Quinones,  Gilberto Santa Rosa , Junior Gonzales, & Victor Manuel. It is all done with a new twist.  I think you will like it

  • **Gilberto Santa Rosa y Victor Manuel “Dos Soneros Una Historia” -  Victor Manual was just in San Diego. I hope you had an opportunity to hear him.

  • **Spanish Harlem Orchestra “ United We Swing” I guarantee if you like Salsa Pura you will love this CD

  • Ocho y Mas “Jugar Ballar” I like this CD so much I drive with it blasting (not thumping but close).  Great driving NYC salsa.

  • NG2 “Exitos y Mas” high energy yet funky. It's very hot at the moment! Label Song BMG